Writing and Art

Selected Works


Anthology: We Will be Shelter, published by Write Bloody and edited by Andrea Gibson:

Anthology: In Sight, published by Four Chambers Press:

Wordgathering, The Abrasion of a Swell and Sonnet for T10/11 (includes audio)

The American Journal of Poetry, Nine Ways to Fail at Temperence

45th Parallel, Ten is too Girl

Bacopa Literary Review

SWWIM, Dancing at a Vigil

Book Reviews, Interviews, etc.:

Review at the Collagist of Sonya Huber’s Pain Woman Takes Your Keys

Interview with Lauren Eggert-Crowe

Interview with Sarah Marcus-Donnelly

Review of Nicole Walker’s Egg

Review of Patricia Murphy’s Hemming Flames


“Leaves: A Cento” at Visual Art Source